Soft Tread - The Affordable Exterior Surfacing

Does your school have expensive playground equipment that cannot be used for long periods of the year due to our inclement weather?

We have spent a long time looking for a solution to this problem which is affordable and provides a play surface that can be used all year round but also ensures children remain safe and have now developed our new all-weather soft surface, which we have called Soft Tread.

Here are some of the facts about it:

  • It is safe enough for nursery and foundation stage children to play on without hurting themselves when they fall.
  • It can be fitted on grass and concrete around any current play provision allowing all year round play and less dirty clothes!
  • The life expectancy is well in excess of 10 years and virtually maintenance free
  • It has a 'toy safe' classification and comes in a large range of colours
  • It looks natural and is environmentally friendly
  • It is ADA approved for wheelchair access
  • It is vandal resistant
  • It is an affordable alternative to Wet Pour at up to 50% of the cost!
  • Schools have advised us that it is less slippery than Wet Pour in frosty conditions
  • Attractive alternative to bark chippings
"Polite, very aware of Health and Safety issues and took time to speak with the school council. Very professional service. Children are absolutely delighted!" Mrs Hindle, West Hill Primary School, Dartford






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